Project 3 – Conclusion

On Thursday’s class, class 30, were we responsible for reviewing our teams updated drafts and we discussed final changes. Originally, we had set deadlines, but for the drafts and final versions and we have been doing a good job as a group when it comes to meeting those deadlines. For the most part, we all have ran into obstacles in one way or another, but; we were still able to complete our respective drafts. In addition, this class was supposed to involve the team selecting the person responsible for compiling the entire project. However, that was the first thing we did when we began the project. As a team, we felt that Tim did such a good job with compiling our portions of project 2; we decided that he should also be the compiler for this project as well and he happily agreed.

Despite everything, I have finished my draft of the tactics and timeline of tactics and I will be sending that to the group complier, Tim, tomorrow. Everyone has done a good job of emailing everyone their portions of the project and not just emailing Tim. Caitlin and I have been working together and suggesting edits each other parts so that they coincide with one another. She is going to be out of commission come Friday, so she has sent her part to me and the rest of the team early. I still can’t believe that semester is finally over and as I finish this project I realize that this class is one of the last classes I have left to complete. Overall, this class was extremely helpful when it came to learning about the different forms of social media and I have recommended it to my classmates in my other courses. Although I still can’t believe the semesters over, I am happy it is coming to an end because I am officially done with my studies and I am graduating in the next few weeks and I couldn’t be happier!


Project 3 – Part 3

During Tuesday’s class, class 29, we were responsible for reviewing the initial drafts of each team member’s respective portions of project 3. After some general announcements from Pete were then broken up into our groups. As my group and I began discussing the project we realized that we were fine with section 1. So far, everyone seems to be doing fine with their parts. For instance, Kelly had finished her portion of section 1 over the weekend and she gave notice that she was working on section 2 of her portion and Tim was the same way. I had needed some extra time to finish my portion of section 1 and the team understood and allowed me more time. Caitlin was doing well in that she had already had drafts of both of her parts but needed some extra help. This was taken care of when Pete walked in and began helping us with section 2 because we were fine with section 1.

Nevertheless, we were struggling a bit when it came to the strategies and objectives, but Pete talked us through the pain points and we were ready to revise our portions of section 2. Caitlin and I have worked closely because of respective portions of project 3 go hand-in-hand. This is also true for Tim and Kelly because the objectives and measurements coincide as well. Overall, we are moving along fairly well with this project and we make sure that we are able to keep in touch in case there are deadline issues.

Project 3 – Part 2

In Thursday’s class, class 28, it was business as usual. First there were some general announcements and then we broker in our groups. This time we were presenting our completed drafts of our respective sections and then we were to discuss edits/suggestions for refinements.  As we began discussing everything we realized that we needed to do additional research for regarding the plan itself. When it comes to setting objectives we discussed some ideas, but vaguely. As we began discussing the objectives we noticed that many of them were more like strategies than objectives, so we stuck with it. For instance, we believed that Starbucks should engage its fans more by adding more engaging content. As we discussed these strategies we were brainstorming all kinds of ideas for Starbucks’ social media plan.

However, this plan is a bit more difficult that I thought because Starbucks’ social media approach outperforms most organizations and so it can be difficult to come up with a plan for improvements when they are doing so well with their social media approach most of the time. That being said, there is always room for improvement and Starbucks needs to work on its two-way communication approach to customers; whether its good or bad, the company should be on top of what’s being said about the overall company. In the end, we determined that we all have to be extremely collaborative when it comes to the social media plan because our plan needs to be as cohesive as possible.

Project 3 – Part 1

On Tuesday, class 27 we went over some class announcements and then we discussed the proceedings of the group projects. Since Thursday, class 26 was the day for each team to decide how the work will be divvied up and we were required to start doing more research on our brand (i.e. Starbucks), when we broke into groups, our group had shared the research they had done so far. As far as the key audience is concerned, we all kind of know what Starbucks’ key audience may be: 20-40 something year olds. Next, the key public use of social media is somewhat predictable as well because of the audit we completed and based on the we determined that they use it mostly for sharing and service issues regarding Starbucks.

Third, Starbucks use of social media is the portion that I am responsible for and this was one of the easy parts because we have talk about that throughout our audit. However, upon further research I have found that, contrary to some of the things in our audit, Starbucks is already working to improve these things. For instance, they are getting better when it comes to responding to comments, including the negative ones. Lastly, Starbucks’ competitors’ use of social media is a bit more difficult to determine because we didn’t do a lot of research for competitors for our audit, but based on what was presented to the team; it appears that they use social media like Starbucks uses social media, for promotions and customer interactions. As a whole, our team seems to be doing a great job so far based on the material presented to the group during class.  

Project 3 – The Beginning

In Thursday’s class the instructor reviewed and discussed the requirements for Project 3. For Project 3 we are in the same teams as Project 2 and are must conduct additional research for the same company, Starbucks. Based on the results of our Starbucks social media audit we are now responsible for developing a social media plan for Starbucks.

After the discussion and review of the project requirements, we broke into our teams and began deciding how each part of the project will be divvied amongst team. With that in mind, Tim is responsible for the audience, Kelly is responsible for the audience’s uses of social media, I am responsible for Starbucks’ use of social media and Caitlin is responsible for monitoring the social media activities of Starbucks’ competitors.

Likewise, we assigned parts of the recommended plan as well with Tim being responsible for objectives, Caitlin is responsible for strategies, I am responsible for tactics and Kelly is responsible for measurement/evaluation part of the plan. It didn’t take us very long to designate the parts of the plan to each team member because we are a great collaborative team. I am happy that my last project is with this team because it allows me to end this course as well as the semester on a positive note. Overall, I really enjoyed working with this team on the social media audit, so I was excited to find out that we would be working in the same teams when it came to Project 3.

Project 2 – Part 5

On Tuesday the class met to discuss and review our progress to date on the Step 4 audit report. The instructor made a few class announcements and then we broke into our project 2 teams. Initially, my team and I had broken the Step 4 audit report down by person. For instance, Caitlin was in charge of introducing our company, which is Starbucks, and must provide facts and explain why it is important to monitor the company’s social media conversations. Next, Kelly was in charge of describing how our team conducted the research, the social media each team mate monitored and its timeframe as well as how the team determined the overall ratings for tine, influence, and activity.

As far as the results are concerned, we agreed that it would be a great idea for us to summarize on our own what was learned about the social media conversations surrounding Starbucks.  Provided that we only had four group members and five parts of the audit (Purpose, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, and Suggestions), we thought that it would be fair for us to do our own results because then, we would each have 2 parts to complete.

Nevertheless, Tim was in charge of summarizing and interpreting the results and I was in charge of the general suggestions for Starbucks considerations and why these suggestions should be implemented.  In the end, this was the last meeting we had with each other before it came time to turn in the project. We went home, worked on our parts accordingly and were set a deadline for sending our parts to Tim by Wednesday night as he was the team’s compiler.

Project 2 – Part 4

On Thursday of this week, we returned to class. First we discussed Project 1 and the grading process regarding that project and then we broke up into our groups to continue discussing and reviewing our observations of the social media technology we are responsible for monitoring. First, the team reviewed and discussed the data table drafts. Based on what was shared, we seemed to be finding the same type of content in that it is either very positive or very negative with people either being devout Starbucks advocates or they’re extremely upset and hate everything that Starbucks stands for. Either way people seem to have strong opinions about Starbucks and are not afraid to voice those opinions via social media platforms.

Next, the teams were responsible for designating sections of the Audit Report to each team member. Since my team has 4 people in it and the Audit Report has four sections, it was easy to divvy things up amongst the group members. Kelly is responsible for drafting the ‘purpose’, Caitlin is responsible for drafting the ‘methodology’, Tim is responsible for drafting the conclusions and I am responsible for drafting the overall suggestions for the organization’s or brand’s consideration. We have set corresponding deadlines that I don’t think anyone will have a problem meeting. As a whole, I like my team and we collaborate really well. I can’t wait to see the finished product for what everyone has found.

Overall, I think that Starbucks has a great social media presence and have been an easy to monitor because they engage in a variety of social media technologies and the organization has millions of fan engagement on all of their company pages as well. Additionally, people seem to go out of their way when it comes to expressing their opinions about Starbucks and Starbucks does a good job of engaging customers and fans of the pages by keeping content relevant and useful for its users; and with this, the organization gives fans a place to openly discussion and comment as they see fit and many of them do.

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